Eloisa Iturbe


Raised in the countryside in Argentina, Eloisa grew up in touch with the earth, surrounded with plants, animals and the big open spaces of the Pampas.

Being outside, under the sun, in contact with nature, was an incredibly enriching experience, and something that fuels her work to this day.

Trained as a graphic designer, and having run her own branding and design studio in Buenos Aires for more than 15 years, she found in still life photography a way to combine all her interests and expertise — those of the country girl and of the designer.

Working with natural light, and creating bright, graphical, sunlit scenes, her work evoques the feeling of endless summer afternoons, lazy Sundays and tropical adventures.

Geometry and warmth, art and nature, man-made and organic, rigorous and carefree, these seemingly opposite terms come together in Eloisa’s images, complementing each other, in a pleasant, harmonious mix that combines the love of the pure and unadulterated with a passion for thoughtful and functional design.